GTS 700

Brand: Dri-Steem
Product Code: GTS 700
Vendors: DRI-STEEM

Gas humidifier, 230V powered, 238Cap(Kg/h), 205kW, 7A, 320Kg shipping, 635Kg operating, 336.9L tank, 238.5L/h, Vaporlogic 4 and tank insulation included

4 weeks
Price: €33,920.94 Ex Vat: €27,578.00

Dristeem GTS 700 - Gas to Steam Humidifier

GTS - gas to steam, provides a broad capacity range and precise control, it is compatible with all water types: tap, softened, deionized, and reverse osmosis. Application flexibility makes GTS the ideal choice for almost any application. It has steam capacities from 21.7 to 272 kg/h and has the lowest operational cost. The steam to steam (STS) humidifier transfers energy from boiler steam through a heat exchange to a replenishing supply of clean fill water and boils it into steam. Includes VaporLogic4 controller.


- Steam capacities from 75 to 600 lbs/hr (21.7 to 272 kg/h)

- Lowest operating cost (calculate potential savings with DRI-STEEM's Energy Savings Calculator)

- Indoor and outdoor enclosures

- Integral drain water tempering


For more information about this gas to steam humidifier please download the data sheet above.

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